*** all prices are listed in CAD *** shipping delays may occur due to COVID19 ***


here are some frequently asked questions + answers. any other general questions about the process?? pls feel free to send an inquiry via email or booking form and i will get back to you asap! for further covid-specific information please see my COVID page.


q: what’s your booking process?

a: follow the link in my bio to my website (www.scratchpepper.com), click “tattoo appointment booking”, fill out the booking form, submit! i’ll respond in as timely a manner as possible. after you receive a response, you’ll send a deposit to hold your timeslot. i can’t reply to all requests, but i do my best.


q: where can i find your flash?

a: all my available flash is in my IG highlights.


q: will you travel to my city?

a: i will announce travel plans as they come. for now i’m in toronto until further notice/until it’s safe to travel.


q: can i have your work tattooed by another artist?

a: no. it’s my personal art, i’ve developed my practice over decades, i’m not comfortable handing it over to another person. + a million other reasons. this is pretty standard in the tattoo industry!


q: what is the meaning of “hard to kill”?

a: exactly what you think it is! you can interpret this however you’d like. originally these tattoos were mostly made for members of the queer/trans sober community- recovering addicts and alcoholics- but there are no requirements or prerequisites. if you’re alive, you’re probably hard to kill.


q: what’s the basis of your practice?

a: my flash text pieces are pulled from my personal journaling and sketchbook. i handwrite a phrase and digitally distort the text from there, usually building a full composition around the mood or vibe or whatever the particular piece calls for. there’s no typeface or font, each piece is its own.


q: what do you charge? is it an hourly rate?

a: depends entirely on the piece, size, placement etc! the average price per piece is currently around $350. i charge by the hour ($185/hour of active tattooing). your $100 deposit is applied to drawing time and up to an hour of consult time during your appointment, prior to the active tattooing. an average appointment involves about half an hour of consult- that’s usually enough! if the consult period is brief (under half an hour), half of your deposit will be put towards the total price of your tattoo. currently i accept payments of either cash or etransfer.


q: do you repeat pieces?

a: i only repeat flash that is labeled (on instagram) as repeatable! custom pieces are never repeated.


q: what is the process for a custom text piece?

a: using my appointment booking form, send me your requested word/phrase along with a few screenshots of pieces i have done in the past. these will be used as reference for the style of distortion and composition you want for your chosen word/phrase.


q: how long will my tattoo appointment take?

a: i book in 2.5 hour blocks but the actual appointment length varies depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the piece, as well as the length of our initial consult period prior to active tattooing.


q: am i supposed to tip my tattoo artist?/how much should i tip?

a: it’s entirely at your discretion. tips are graciously accepted. if you’re not sure about tipping, feel free to ask your artist what is appropriate or reach out to me and we can talk about it :)


q: do you require a deposit?

a: i take a (non-refundable) $100 deposit per appointment. please send it promptly so i can get you booked in and secure your date, time, and piece.


q: are deposits refundable?

a: no, but if you can’t make your appointment (with adequate notice of 72 hours) i can apply the deposit to a future appointment. please reschedule as promptly as possible. if you cancel with no intention of rescheduling, you will forfeit your deposit. if you are 15+ minutes late for your appointment without giving me a heads up, you will forfeit your deposit. 


q: can i reschedule?

a: if necessary, with 72 hours notice, yes- please only reschedule if/when it’s absolutely necessary. cancellation = i lose money and time and the chance to do a piece i’m probably really excited about. my cancellation policy is slightly more flexible given the current pandemic conditions, but please respect my time.